Dog Buddy Puppy Toys, 10PCS Dog Rope Toy Set, Avoid Boredom For Your Puppy Or Small Dog, Soft 100% Natural Cotton Fibre Gently Cleans Teeth, For Indoor Or Outdoor Fun


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Dog Buddy - Plastic free natural cotton dog toysDog Buddy - Plastic free natural cotton dog toys

No Plastic

Our dog toys are made from 100% recycled cotton which is chemical-free. This gives you the confidence that not only is your dog safe when having fun with our rope toys but that the environment is also being protected.

As plastic takes at least 450 years to biodegrade, and rubber over 50 years, we have made an environmental decision to only use chemical-free, biodegradable cotton. So, be happy in the knowledge that when Dog Buddy’s rope toys are finally worn out from fetching, tugging and chewing and other fun play with your dog, this natural cotton product will biodegrade in under 6 months.

Durable & Strong

We have designed these fun rope toys to be strong and last as long as possible, using the best cotton and special manufacturing techniques so that your dog enjoys these toys for a very long time. However, even though we have taken every step to ensure these products last a long time, dogs have very sharp teeth and love to chew, so depending on your dogs’ habits these toys will vary in their life span.

Visually more stimulating

Did you know that dogs lack the ability to see the range of colours from green to red? Behavioural tests suggest that dogs are more stimulated by yellow and blue colours. That is why Dog Buddy has chosen to use vibrant yellow and electric blue for our rope toys. We want your dog to get as much enjoyment and engagement from these when they fetch, tug and chew with the dog toys.

Teeth Health

Chewing reduces the build-up of plaque on your puppies teeth, which can lead to bad breath and expensive vet bills to deal with gum disease or tooth extraction. Vets confirm that rope toys are soft on the teeth and better than hard, plastic chew toys. So protect your puppies teeth by using these cotton rope toys.

Our dog toys are made with recycled natural cottonOur dog toys are made with recycled natural cotton

Made with recycled cotton

Dog Buddy Toys are made from recycled natural cotton, which is braided and turned into fetch, tug and chew toys.

Our toys have no hard plastic bits, so your puppy can chew safely without fear of: fracturing or breaking teeth: swallowing plastic that can cause digestive obstruction: or causing long term illness by absorbing the lead that has been found in many of these plastic / rubber toys.​

Durable and safeDurable and safe

Durable & Safe

Cheap plastic goods are invariably manufactured in countries where environmental regulations are lax or irregularly enforced, and, – as a result – usually don’t last long. The broken toys find their way into landfill or worse – our oceans – and we head back out into the pet shops in search of yet more cheap plastic products for our dogs to play with.

In contrast, our Dog Buddy Toy products are robust, strong, thick braided rope toys made from recycled cotton that are designed to out last other cotton rope dog toy products.

We suggest if the long threads do become loose then simply trim them off with scissors.

Helps keep your dogs teeth cleanHelps keep your dogs teeth clean

Keep your dog’s teeth clean

We struggle to clean our dog’s teeth. That is why we are so keen on rope toys, as they help keep teeth clean by giving your dog something that they can chew on. Our toys, made of natural cotton, have rope fibres that actually help to floss and clean your dog’s teeth. The braided feature of our rope toys supports cleaning them from all sides. It’s like having all the benefits of flossing, but none of the fuss!

What colours your dog see bestWhat colours your dog see best

What colours dogs see

We chose the distinctive colouring of yellow and blue because those are the two colours that a dog is more likely to see on the spectrum. We want you to feel confident that your puppy is getting maximum enjoyment and stimulation from a planet caring and durable dog rope toy.

PUPPY & SMALL DOG TOYS – this puppy pack of dog rope toys will help relieve boredom and anxiety in your dog, preventing them from damaging furniture or shoes!
CLEANS TEETH – your dog needs to chew to help reduce plaque build-up and prevent gum disease. Our gentle rope toys clean between the teeth and massage gums improving the health of your dog’s teeth.
GREAT FUN – your dog will be more stimulated by our blue and yellow coloured toys than any other colour combination. Plus, with 10 toys in this pack, your dog is guaranteed to have endless hours of fun. Plus a great gift for your or your friend’s dog!
INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – these dog toys are great for indoor tug of war play or outdoor fetching fun, and when they get dirty you can place them in the washing machine.



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