Funow Squeaky Dog Toys, Indestructible Crocodile Dog Chew Toys-Durable Tough Interactive Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers/Relief Stress, Strong Rubber Dog Teething Toys for Medium Large Dogs


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The best thing is to get to know your pet!

We are a great pet house for the younger generation-Funow! Dog is your family, isn’t it? Moreover, we have created a lot of crazy ideas and products for your small family, including dog collars, dog car mats, unique dog bite toys, etc. We believe that your dog deserves the best also the most suitable toy!


Four reasons why dogs need high-quality Funow dog ​​chew toys

A dog that is alone at home will be very anxious. You often find a mess when getting home. This is the only incident of a boring dog. Funow Dog Chew Toys can cleverly solve this problem. The interesting squeaking sound can attract the dog’s attention, release energy and relieve boredom.

Chewing is good for teeth and gums. The crocodile texture can massage the gums and exercise the jaw muscles. From infancy to adulthood, caring for a dog’s teeth can help a dog to prevent serious health problems.

Chewing appropriate items can prevent damage to furniture. Whether you like it or not, they will chew anything, so the best way to protect property is to provide enough toys for the pet dog to be approved for chewing.

These enrichment toys for dogs can help to release the dog’s pressure as well as cultivate your dog’s trust and understanding. Strengthen the bond between you and your lovely pet.









Crocodile texture-cleaning assistant:

Additional brushing and massage effects.

Natural rubber:

No one cares more about dogs than we do. Our dog toys are 100% safe. Ensure food safety and protect the health of the dog at the same time.

Squeaking and more fun:

Funow dog chew toy has a built-in squeaker, which can attract dogs’ interest in crawling games. The most important thing is to make your dog happier and excited.

Beef scent:

Dogs are natural food seekers. The smell of beef makes the dog even crazier.


Every time the dog finishes playing, clean it with clean water.

Please be careful not to let the dog eat the bitten pieces by mistake to prevent suffocation.

It is recommended that your dog chew toys under your supervision.


Almost indestructible: Although no dog toy is truly indestructible, this is a top-notch toy that can be chewed safely.


★[Teeth Cleaning & Dental Care]: Chewing is the natural instinct of all dogs. Funow Dog Interactive Toys has a realistic crocodile image, and its uneven texture can meet the instinctive needs of dogs, which can help dogs’ teeth cleaning, reduce plaque build-up and relieve gums, improve dental hygiene, and dental calculus. Your dog can maintain physical and mental health and develop healthy chewing habits.
★[Squeaky Dog Toys & Beef Flavor]: The wonderful dog squeak toy can make a loud squeak, which will make the dog more excited and encourage its natural hunting and playing behavior. Crocodile squeaky dog toys have a light beef flavor so that the dog can keep the interest for a long time. Concentrate, keep entertaining!
★[Best Dog’s Companion]: If your dog friend is often alone at home, Funow dog teething toy is the best dog toy to avoid loneliness. It will make your dog happier, smarter, and reduce destructive chewing behavior. This is the best gift for dogs. Solving the problems of anxiety, boredom, training, and barking.
★[Easy to clean]: The Indestructible dog toy can directly be cleaned by hand directly or through the dishwasher. We always provide customers with more affordable and high-quality toys. In addition, you will get our 24-hour satisfactory service, please feel free to contact us if you have any product quality problems!



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