LucaSng Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy, Corn Shaped Dog Chew Toy, Dog Teeth Cleaning Dental Toy With Cotton Rope for Small Medium Large Dogs, Puppies and Aggressive Chewers


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This product is made of healthy and bite resistant TPR material andtearing resistant cotton rope, which will not be deformed even if dogplays with it for a long time.

This product is designed according to the features of dog’s teeth, the noveldesigned molar protrusions are zigzag and arranged horizontally and vertically,which can thoroughly clean dog’s incisors, fangs and molars when playing thetoy, in addition, remove all kinds of rice residue, dirt and calculus effectively,fully protecting dog’s dental health.

Dog toothpaste or attractant can be applied in the teeth cleaning aisleto attract dog’s interest and truly realize the function of the dogbrushing teeth by himself while playing.


Separate the product from the cotton rope and put dog snacks in the middleaisle, then this toy can be used as a food leaking toy.


Serrated molars are a great way to clean the dirt and stones in dog’sback teeth.This product is suitable to small, medium and large dogs in any breeds (includes ferocious dogs).


The molar rope can be chosen to use, or use the corn molar stick individually.


When dog playing with this toy at the first time or giving the toy to a large dog, we recommend to control the playing time within 1 5minutes, after which it can be increased to 20一30 minutes per day.


Playing with this toy regularly will relive dogs’ anxiety and improve IQ when they are at home by themselves, preventing destroy from furniture and is come true that dogs brush teeth by themselves.

【✓Let Dogs Get Dazzling &Healthy Teeth】- Dogs can get a 360 degree deep teeth cleaning while playing with the corncob. Grooved “kernels” are sturdy enough to remove stones and soft plaque on hard-to-reach corners as they chew and bring back fresh breath when paired with pet toothpaste for a closer owner-pet interaction
【✓Stop Your Dogs From Destroying Everything】- Dogs makes mincemeat out of furnishings when they’re alone. They do need this corn on the cob chew toy to save your furniture from destruction! Chewing on the chew toy keeps them entertained for hours and eases their separation anxiety and pressure while you two are apart.
【✓EASY TO USE】- Just remove the cotton rope from the dog toothbrush, insert food treats or pet toothpaste into the hole to attract your lovely puppies and allow them to chew on the toy for hours of fun. ( Attention: please do regular wash after use)
【✓GREAT FOR DOGS Between 3-60 lbs】- Measuring 4.37 (L)x 2.2(D) inches, the dog toothbrush can comfortably fit in dog’s or puppy’s mouth. Perfect for small/medium/large size dogs ( 3-60 lbs), such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, Bichon, Beagles, Shepherd Dogs and more.



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