LucaSng Dog Toothbrush Toy, Cactus Shaped Dog Chew Toy with Cotton Rope, Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy, Dog Rope Toy for Small, Large Dogs and Aggressive Chewers(Yellow)


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The edge of the molar column is specially designed for cleaning the incisor of the dog’s teeth. When the dog uses this toy, the dog will use the incisor to bite the cut surface area. In this process, the dog’s incisor teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. Daily protection of the dog’s incisor will make the dog’s incisor teeth more healthier.


Originally designed zigzag一shaped molar protrusions of different sizes and molar strengths are arranged irregularly at 360°. When pets use molars to chew this product,the molar bumps will clean the dog’s posterior calculus and dirt in an all一round way,and comprehensively protect the dog’s oral health. Facts have proved that our design is more etffective than the products on the market.


The newly designed pet dog fangs tooth molar aisle has fully surpassed similar products.When pets bite the product, the sharp teeth will enter the curved cleaning tank in the molar channel, and the sharp molars arranged in parallel in the cleaning tank will clean the canine of the dog from top to bottom. This product can etfectively remove the teeth and dirt at the roots of fangs to ensure the daily health of the dog’s mouth.


Applying toothpaste or attractant on the inside of the newly designed tcoth cleaning channel will have a better tooth cleaning effect. Dog snacks can be placed in the tooth cleaning aisle to attract dogs to play.


Fully clean the dirt and stones of the front teeth of the pet dog to ensure the dog’s dental health every minute and every second.


Separate the product from the cotton rope and put dog snacks in the middle aisle, then this toy can be used as a food leaking toy. Also, the toy is suitable for dogs of any age, whether itis a small dog, a large dog, or a ferocious dog,they will be very happy.


Made of new and upgraded anti-bite material, it can resist the pet dog’s long time bite.However, for the health of pets, we recommend that you give your dog no more than 20一30 minutes a day. Pet dogs often use this toy, which can alleviate their worries at home,improve IQ, and will not damage the family’s home d clothes.It is come true that dogs brush teeth by themselves.

【Keep Dog’s Teeth Healthy】- Does your dog hate teeth brushing? Not only does this chew toy brush their teeth, but it also allows dogs to do it ON THEIR OWN! This dog’s toothbrush toy features rows of “ cactus thorns” in different sizes, and gently and effectively scrapes away dog’s fangs, incisor, molar teeth from top to bottom, removing tartar, food residue, dental plaque..and his bad breath
【Ease Dog’s Stress? It Can Help!】- Fill the channel with his/her favorite treats and attract him/her to bite. Keeping chewing on the toothbrush toy keeps your anxious dogs busy and entertained for hours when you are not with them, while stopping teething puppies or stressed-out dogs from destroying your furniture. How simple it is to kill two birds with one stone
【Easy To Use】- Simply remove the rope, squeeze pet’s toothpaste into the channel, allow dogs to chew on it and brush his/her teeth. You can also stuff the channel with dog food or any attractants to attract dogs to play with the dog rope toy for hours of fun (Note: keep the brushing time controlled within 20 minutes)
【Perfect For 5-100lbs Dogs】 – As large as a smart phone, the dog teeth cleaning toy measures 5.1 x 3.2 inches and can safely and comfortably fit in dog’s mouth, perfect for small, medium and large dogs between 5-100lbs, including Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Shepherd, Bichons and more



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